Beautiful Life Project


Hi, I’m Heather (my friends call me Hat)...

In 2007, I was in a very bad place.  My self-esteem was at rock-bottom.  I hated the person I saw in the mirror every morning and felt such a tremendous amount of shame about the size and state of my body.  I worked long, unfulfilling hours on a life-sucking job.  I spent very little time with my children (who were in full-time daycare) and my husband and I were like ships passing in the night. 

Life consisted of seemingly endless cycles of working, eating, watching TV, sleeping... and endless bill-paying.  Weekends were spent at the mall - accumulating more *stuff* as a way to numb the depression and a deep sense of purposelessness.  

I often used to ask myself:  “Is this it?  Is this all I have to look forward to for the rest of my life?”

In November 2007, I created the Beautiful Life Project... and since that time, everything has changed.

It all began when I decided to change my mind about a few things.  I wanted to change the way I saw myself.  I wanted to stop hating myself.  I wanted to stop abusing and shaming my body.  I decided to embrace my beauty... and celebrate my strengths, live deliberately and to chart a course towards the life I wanted for myself and my family (instead of just drifting, aimlessly... on the Sea of Life).

After changing my mind, I set about changing my life.  I began to face my fears and stopped shaming my body.  I walked away from the draining, life-sucking career and started pursuing my passions and interests instead.  I cut my hair short and dyed it pink.  I discovered strengths I never knew I had.  I discovered purpose.

Then, my husband and I decided to make some additional life-changing decisions:  We ditched the TV, purged our stuff, downsized our belongings, drastically reduced our debt and monthly expenses, took our kids out of school (we homeschool now)... and hit the road on a long-term, nomadic family adventure.

We travelled around South Africa, took the kids on a 2-month road-trip around the United States, lived in Cape Town for 7 months (and are now selling our suburban home and moving into the inner city... after which we plan to embark upon a 3-month road trip around Europe in a camper van... and after that - who knows?)

We live on our terms now.  We live simpler, happier lives... and spend our money on adventures, experiences and memory-making with our kids (instead of the accumulation of more debt and *stuff*). 

As an artist, blogger and musician... I share what we’ve learned on this incredible journey... through Hatbooks, creative workshops, short courses, music and storytelling.

These days, my dream is bigger.  I want to make the world a better place (even if it’s just in the smallest way).  I want to encourage others to embrace their beauty... to discover their strengths... celebrate their uniqueness... escape One-Day-When Land... and to DO what makes them come ALIVE! 

I want to encourage folk to live deliberately - and discover that *thing* they were meant to do (that we were all meant to do) to make the world a better place.

I have LOTS of exciting things that I’m working on right now (that I hope will help, inspire & challenge you)...  if you want to be the first to hear about my free downloadable books (choc-full of photos, quotes, stories and art)... then just click here!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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